Dublin Orthodontists

staffWe are a team of highly trained professionals who look forward to welcoming you at Dublin Orthodontists.

Our philosophy is that whilst you are with us you will be cared for in a caring environment and we will meet you and your child’s needs whilst you are with us. We aim to provide an excellent service in a friendly personable environment.

Your journey whilst you are wearing braces is important to us. We welcome feedback through out facebook page.

Who are we?

Dr Claire O’Sullivan BDS FDS MSc MOrth

Dublin_orthodontist_bracesClaire originally hails from Paisley near Glasgow and is 100% Glaswegian, however she decided to follow her ancestors back home to Ireland in 2003 where she has been ever since. On her journey she managed a Dental degree in Glasgow, House Officer and Senior House Officer jobs in Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and Brisbane Australia. She has worked extensively in the HSE since 2003 and is still working 1 day a week in the main HSE Orthodontic clinic in Dublin. She has a wide and varied experience and she loves to attend courses to ensure that she can offer the latest technology to her patients and keep up to date with everything new and exciting in the world of dentistry.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the dental field and there is nothing she has not seen or treated so you are in safe hands.

She is listed on the Irish Specialist Orthodontic list having achieved the necessary qualifications, she is also a member of the British Orthodontic Society and a member of the Irish Dental Association, as well as the European Orthodontic society.

In her free time she is a keen cyclist and photographer, she sponsors and helps out at local charities, particularly a homeless charity “Humans Too” She occasionally fosters dogs as well as her own. She regularly hill walks and takes on challenges,she is married to Dave and has a son who is 7yrs, she is a fan of all things Irish!