Has your dentist suggested braces and you don’t know why?

Here are some common problems, (all pictures have been treated at Dublin Orthodontists)

… Prominent Teeth
… Reduced Overbite
… Overcrowding
… Crossbites
… Missing Teeth or Gaps


Prominent Teeth

Some teeth stick out too much this is called an increased overjet. From the side they protrude and can be overly prominent in the face. These teeth can be brought back into line with braces. Sometimes we use a functional appliance to do this. The orthodontist will show you one of these when you visit the surgey.


Reduced Overbite

Some bites have the opposite problem and the teeth have a reduced overjet and overbite. These teeth can be brought forwards with braces. Some bites like this may require the use of elastics while you wear braces. The Orthodontist will explain how to wear them to get the teeth into the best bite possible.



A very common problem is that a child can have too many teeth. The teeth come through in unusual places and there is a shortage of space in the mouth. Quite often it may be necsessary to extract teeth in this situation to make room for the other teeth to be straightened. Your Orthodontist will explain what teeth need to be extracted. She will write a letter to the dentist who will remove these teeth. Then your braces will be placed.



Sometimes teeth bite the wrong way around and this is known as a crossbite. The teeth on the top can sit behind the teeth on the bottom. The teeth can become worn down by the incorrect bite. Braces can help put the bite right and improve the alignment.


Missing Teeth or Gaps

Sometimes teeth don’t develop or are knocked out. Sometimes teeth are too small and gaps are obvious. Braces can help close space. If aas in this case a tooth is lost the brace can make the space the right size for a bridge or an implant.

Straight Teeth


At the end of treatment you will have straight teeth. The treatment usually takes 18-20 months but some cases take as little as 6 months and some cases take as long as 2.5 years. Your Orthodontist is the best person to discuss your case with.

Remember every case is different but the end result is the same … a beautiful smile.



To help keep your teeth straight you will need to wear retainers for at least 1 year after your braces are removed.

These are the retainers we use. Clear plastic retainers and fixed retainers. The clear retainer is mainly worn at night time. Your Orthodontist will advise you on which one is best for you.

Below are a list of the products we use to achieve beautiful straight teeth please have a look at the websites to see more pictures of braces.

DUBLIN ORTHODONTIST treatments include:

… traditional metal braces for children and teenagers · DAMON® and Empower™
… cosmetic clear braces · Damon Clear and Radiance
… invisible braces for minor problems · Invisalign® and Clearstep™