Invisalign vs Braces vs 6 month Smiles

Apr 30, 2019

Invisalign vs Braces vs 6 month Smiles

Have you been dreaming of a flawless smile? A smile that lights up your face and allows you to show off your teeth with absolute confidence? An orthodontic solution can help to instil that sense of confidence, with minor cosmetic changes that can produce the results that you are looking for.
In years past, orthodontic options meant that you were limited to a mouth full of metal for often years at a time. Today, orthodontic innovations not only mean that braces are much more discreet, but they can achieve the results you are looking for in much less time.
Two of the most popular orthodontic options are the Invisalign system and the Six Month Smiles system. The traditional braces system still remains a popular choice, to help patients meet their orthodontic goals.
Each of these three options for adult braces can help you to get the beautiful smile that you deserve. But which one is the better choice for you?

The benefits of Invisalign

The Invisalign system breaks away from what most would consider to be braces. With this orthodontic solution, you’ll wear a series of flexible clear and comfortable aligners that have been designed to help you meet your individual smile goals.

Every two weeks you will switch out your aligner to a new one in the series. This means that your teeth will move into the desired position with gentle and slow applied pressure, without the discomfort that can typically be experienced when traditional braces are first fitted or when they are adjusted.

The length of treatment time will vary, based upon your personal needs. On average, the adult patient will wear his or her Invisalign aligners for up to a year. While the Invisalign system takes more time than the Six Month Smiles system, Invisalign can be used for patients who have more complex orthodontic needs. This system, of course, has the advantage of being practically invisible.

The aligners will need to be worn for an average of 20 hours a day, which allows for them to be removed when it’s type to eat and brush your teeth. This is a big advantage over fixed braces, as anyone who’s worn them in the past can tell you.

The benefits of Six Month Smiles

With clear brackets and wires that are white, Six Month Smiles are an alternative to the very visible traditional metal braces. These braces are much less conspicuous once they are fixed in place. In addition, they allow you to get the cosmetic results you’re looking for, in much less time over other orthodontic options.

This system is designed to realign your most visible teeth, which are those teeth at the front of your mouth. For very minor concerns, such as small gaps or small bite concerns, these braces are a great option.

Results are typically seen in an average of six months. Some patients may have individual factors that could see them in the braces for up to nine months or for as little four months.

Six Month Smiles is a much less invasive option for braces over the traditional metal braces. It allows for smile adjustments, but doesn’t do much to help with more serious orthodontic concerns.

The benefits of traditional braces

Traditional metal braces are often the best option to consider. They can treat overbites, under-bites and other alignment concerns. Certainly they are not inconspicuous, and they will be fixed in place, which means that it’ll be more challenging to eat and brush your teeth. Wearing traditional metal braces can involve a number of lifestyle changes for patients, and may impact how they participate in sports and other physical activities.


However, traditional braces can help to address a number of concerns all at one time. Patients may need to wear their braces for up to two years, with adjustments made often to ensure that they are on the right track. But the results will be remarkable once the braces are removed.

Which orthodontic solution works best?

There is no one-size-works-best option when it comes to orthodontics. The needs of the individual patient will have to be considered in order to select the right option to meet the individual orthodontic needs. If cosmetic results in the least amount of time are the goal, then the Six Month Smiles solution will prove to be particularly effective.

Invisalign is not a slower option, however. Patients will see considerably faster results over the period of time that it takes with the traditional metal braces.

Each smile is different. Each patient will have unique circumstances and goals. Working with your orthodontist to determine which option is the best solution for you will help to get you on the path to that beautiful straight smile.

Comparing the Cost!

Adults From
Fixed braces – one arch €2,800
Fixed braces – both arches €3,350
Ceramic braces – extra cost per arch €250
Invisalign® Lite (14 aligners) €3,300 – €3,900
Invisalign® Full €3,900 – €4,900
Incognito® Lingual Braces €5,000 – €7,000
Cosmetic Treatments From
6 Months Smiles – one arch €1,900
6 Months Smiles – both arches €2,800