Why wearing gloves is not a good idea in public

Apr 10, 2020

Why wearing gloves is not a good idea in public

Recently we have seen a rise in the amount of people wearing gloves in Public places. It used to just be the remit of health professionals and sometimes sandwich makers on the deli but now everyone has them on. The WHO has recommended not to wear gloves as they can actually unwittingly transmit the disease by giving the wearer a false sense of security. 

Washing is more effective

We touch our faces with our hands somewhere between 3 and 23 times an hour.

Gloves might be unwittingly passing on the virus through rips and tears and even when you are taking them off if you don’t take them off in the correct way this will potentially infect you with anything that was on the gloves. The problem is not wearing gloves per se the problem is not hand washing because you feel protected wearing gloves. Gloves are also made of plastic materials and are often not properly disposed of, left in shopping trolleys and around public places these are not only an eye sore but a potential source of infection to whoever clears them

The message would appear to be clear from the WHO just wash your hands more often particularly when you come in from being outside, regularly sanitise door handles and frequently touched surfaces in your home this is much more effective than damaging the planet with gloves and most important of all it means the gloves can get to the healthcare professionals that really need them.